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Can an Empath Have a Healthy Romantic Relationship?

Empaths are people who feel very, very strongly. They are highly sensitive to the emotions, moods, and needs of others and often struggle to deal with those emotions. Some people see empaths as a subset of Highly Sensitive People (HSPs), while others equivocate empaths with clairsentients, people who can receive knowledge and insights from places other than the traditional five senses. 

Empaths aren’t just aware of what’s going on with other people; they also absorb those emotions. They are highly intuitive and have strong gut feelings about people. In a conversation, empaths aren’t just paying attention to the words being spoken; they’re also “listening” to the other person’s body language, the tone of voice, subtle facial expressions, and even silences.

Thriving Romantically

If being an empath sounds exhausting, that’s because it can be. Empaths often struggle inside of romantic relationships. While they wish to deeply connect with a partner, many empaths often feel like loneliness is their best option. Relationships and too much togetherness can be exhausting for an empath, but by working to find balance, he or she can have a healthy, thriving relationship. 

As previously mentioned, empaths often have strong gut feelings about people, and it’s vital that they listen to and take into account these feelings when choosing a potential mate. Some people will have to work at this, as it might take serious effort to undo years of suppressing thoughts that might have previously been labeled illogical. By seeing this intuition as a gift, however, empaths can make better choices about who they will connect with romantically.

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

One of the benefits of being self-aware as an empath is having the verbal toolbox to explain what being an empath is like. Being able to do so is a huge benefit in a relationship, and empaths shouldn’t shy away from talking about when and how they experience other people’s emotions, what drains them, and how other people’s emotional energy triggers certain behaviors. The right person will understand, but the wrong person will label an empath as overly-sensitive or neurotic.

Caring for Your Self

Self-care is probably the single most important thing an empath can do. Finding regular alone time to heal and process the day’s emotions, and doing activities such as meditation or nature walks, can make all the difference in an empath and an empath’s romantic relationship. Further, it’s vital to have a partner who can understand this.

It’s easy for an empath to see his or her gifts as burdens that make a romantic relationship a challenge, but by using their gifts, communicating and prioritizing self-care, an empath can have a rich, vibrant relationship that is healthy and mutually beneficial. 

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