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#AskGaryVee Where are the Best Places for Hiring Employees These Days?

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The best place to hire great employees is actually, this is kind of like the honey and bees thing. My process is a little bit different. I am actively running a social and digital agency and I am at the lucky stage of my career where I’m a known personality and that, and I am public speaking. I’m doing the AskGaryVee Show, plug, and it’s coming to us. I’m at that place now so that is not practical for the far majority of people watching this and because I want this to be practical, I would say what I would think is very simply the best tactic for all of you watching who want to hire good people is to search the key terms on Twitter search that are talking about the things that you do for a living and then doing the homework. The dirty little secret is, my friends, is most people don’t want to work.

Do you know how easy it is to find good employees? Let me explain. You go to the Twitter search. You search the terms around the job description that you want, not the job description terms, but the kind of things they’d be doing.

Looking at people talking about design websites, design forums, design aspects and then looking around at what people saying then clicking on their profile, clicking on their homepage, probably landing on their design portfolio, finding four people that you think do a good job, even tweeting at them saying, “Do you want to interview for a job? Are you looking for a job?” Three of the four say no. One says yes. The other three give your four referrals that are kind of like them. You’ve got five people to interview, and you hire one of those people. But that just took eight hours, didn’t it? And that my friends is how you actually do it because everybody is looking for quick tactics to make it easy and putting in the work always, always matters. You with a little bit of me, we’re changing the Q&A world.

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