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Are You Willing to Change Your Mind?


I remember graduating from uni and back then I thought I knew everything. Oh boy has life changed my attitude on that…
Recently I’ve been updating my nutrition library and realizing most of what we were taught about nutrition has been faulty at best. More and more research shows that big food has had a big hand in helping form the food guides around North America and beyond. Such a shame! 6-12 servings of grains a day? Where is the science behind that?
Ever heard of Tim Noakes? Look him up! Coles Notes: He’s a scientist, author of Lore of Running and runner from South Africa. He used to be a big fan of carb-loading until he was diagnosed with diabetes even if he was running big time. After much introspection and trails, he gave it up in favour of LCHF (low carb high fat) diet. He even tore up the nutrition pages of his bestseller since he felt duped by all the info out there.
Now’s he firmly in the LCHF camp after that 180. He’s taking a lot of heat after the change of mind since he was one of the biggest names in running and nutrition in South Africa and even the globe. Preaching one thing and then going against it when some compelling evidence comes out. Is that foolish or wisdom?
His story was very similar to Mark Sisson of Mark’s Daily Apple and Ironman fame. After a while you just can’t keep up the engine to burn all those carbs so he changed his diet and workouts, even if they helped him to many successes in his earlier days.
It was a similar scenario when I started doing heart-rate training. I thought you had to go fast all the time to get faster. At first I did since everything was new and I was progessing so fast. But then I plateau’d big time.
Little did I know going slower made me go (much) faster with less effort. And was probably healthier and better for the body for the long. Now it’s a base of slow with some high intensity thrown in to keep me on my toes.
Sometimes things that don’t really make sense on the surface (eating more fat to lose fat?) yet surprise you when they are applied. Same thing with going slow to get faster.
What would you need to change your mind? Think about that for a second…
Written By Eric Collard, founder of Efficient Coaching.
The post was originally published on Efficient Coaching, and was republished on WisdomFeed with Eric Collard’s permission. 

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