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A Harvest Celebration a Musical and Moving Experience

In the spirit of Gratitude and Thanksgiving week here in America and as we’ve heard from challengers that life got in the way this week so you maybe didn’t get to complete all 5 meditations. We’ve decided this week to do a simple re-run. If you completed all 5, it’s a great opportunity to continue the habit this week!


This means that the community stays open, the 5 meditations can still be accessed via the hub, the live sessions from Challenge Week are available inside the hub, we’ll be inside this group this week sharing our insights into the meditations AND we’re holding a Harvest Celebration on Sunday at 5pm EST.


On Sunday November 27 at 5pm EST, we’re hosting a live Harvest Celebration!


It will be a musical and moving experience with Quigong and Solstice Songs from Steven Michael Pague and Beginner’s Yoga with Rachael Frodyma.


You can book your place here


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