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The Future of Heroism with Sam Keen Part 2

Today we are happy to bring you the second part of the transcription from Sam Keen's "The Future of Heroism" as he explores past visions of heroes, finding your own heroic image, and what forms of heroism the future may call for.

I think now, as we view our future, it's sort of like in 19th century, the search for the sources of the Nile. Here's darkest Africa and they knew certain landmarks, they had not explored the continent. The continent of the future is obviously unexplored. We do know the elements that will go into the makeup of the future.

There will be, first of all, choice. The future is not determined, it is not determined, it is not written in our stars, or in our genes what our future will be because we're storytelling animals. The future is a choice and the question is who will choose it. Who will tell the story? Will it be they, or will it be you who tells the story?

The second thing is that the future will also be created by novelty by things over which we have no control. There will be elements that we don't choose. It may, for instance, be the case that we have no population problems at all.  All you have to do is look at the increased strains of virulent diseases which are resistant to antibiotics because we have made them stronger and stronger and stronger by the overuse of antibiotics, or the use of antibiotics even, and realize that it could be that the most viable.  It could be that one alternative future that we will not have any ecological problems. Same reason the American Indians didn't. There weren't enough of them around to pollute, fundamentally.

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