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Doug Rushkoff
Douglas Rushkoff

Code Literacy: A 21st Century Requirement

Rushkoff-codecademy-literacyDouglas Rushkoff, one of the leading cutting-edge thinkers of our time, recently published an article in Edutopia about the importance of making sure we -- and even more importantly, our children -- have a true understanding of how to negotiate this new digital world.  The article begins:

Ask kids what Facebook is for, and they'll tell you it's there to help them make friends. And, on the surface anyway, that's what it looks like. Of course, anyone who has poked a bit deeper or thought a bit longer about it understands that people programming Facebook aren't sitting around wondering how to foster more enduring relationships for little Johnny, Janey and their friends, but rather how to monetize their social graphs -- the trail of data the site is busy accumulating about Johnny and Janey every second of the day and night.>>

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