Indigenous Peoples

Indigenous Peoples Message To The World

In 1992 I traveled to the jungles of Brazil to record the The First World Conference of Indigenous Peoples. Over the week I recorded more than 50 hours of audio. The lectures, delivered in the 3 official languages of the conference, were moving, inspirational and often times gut wrenching. Cultural, musical performances were also digitally recorded.

It was the first time indigenous peoples from every continent were in the same place. The conference was closed to the public, I was one of a handful of non native peoples invited.

After a lot of time and resources the recordings were boiled down to 2 separate programs. The resulting project was endorsed by the United Nations. In addition to receiving a coveted starred review from Publisher's Weekly -- PW also invented an award for the production "The Pioneering Hybrid Of The Month Award."

Click here to listen to a sample. This title and many other multimedia "downloads to uplift," will be available soon on our site. As all titles to be released on our site, a percentage of profits will go towards a socially responsible cause. In this case, Land is Life, the organization that organized the conference back in  1992.