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Indigenous Peoples Message To The World - Available on mp3

Indigenous People's Message To The World - Words & Music  
Marcos Terena - (Conference Organizer)  

Marcos Terena
        "This is our chance to listen to a message from people closely connected to the Earth. The industrial world has put their very existence at stake. Stop and listen to their world!"
        - Mickey Hart (Author of Drumming at the Edge of Magic and Planet Drum, drummer with the Grateful Dead.)
        This authentic product is a "Who's who of ritual tribal music and ceremony" - Publishers Weekly.
        -"It's about time these little-known and so often misrepresented people get the opportunity to speak for themselves (this is not Dan Rather speaking folks)... The music on the second cassette is fantastic." - Wilson Library Bulletin

In 1992 Marcos Terena, Articulator For Indigenous People's at The United Nations, organized a gathering that was to be the first time Indigenous Peoples from every continent would be in the same place. In the jungles of Brazil, just outside of Rio, a week before the First Earth Summit, The First World Conference of Indigenous People's took place.
          Echoes of that seminal and ground breaking event continue to ring out. The event was closed to the public and non-indegenous peoples -- BetterListen! was called in to document on audio, the lectures and cultural music presentations.


The result is this award winning program, Endorsed by The United Nations, Starred Review in Publisher's Weekly, digitally remastered, is now available  for the first time in digital format.


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This project belongs in libraries, world music collections and is for anyone interested in human rights, sacred cultures and the preservation of the land and its first peoples.


-*Royalties from every sale go to help the cause of Indigenous Peoples.          

Native Chief  
Running Time:
      100 minutes.
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