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Laura Simms

Women and Wild Animals music by Steve Gorn available on iTunes and on CD


Originally commissioned for performances in Utah's Natural History Museum and Jackson Hole, Wyoming's  Teeton Science Center, 1983

WOMEN AND WILD ANIMALS touched a nerve and awakened acclaim. It is an original collection of reconstructed ancient myth, fairytale and folklore,with personal narrative and poems accompanied by uncannily beautiful music.  It is a timeless recording that is more poignant and relevant today as we

face the consequences of climate change and the loss of many species of wild animals.  In 1991,  The American Museum of Natural History called Laura’s piece,  "a needed celebration of  our relationship to the  environment through primal myths and true life stories about womanhood, feminine principle, animals and wilderness.  This performance refreshes the mind and stirs the imagination."  Women and Wild Animals is meant to reawaken our animals ears and eyes, and reminds us as all myths do, to live with wisdom and compassion as part of the natural world.

Running Time: 97 minutes.

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