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Available for the first time in digital format. The award winning, Indigenous Peoples Message To The World represents a collaboration of numerous organizations, individuals and indigenous peoples from around the globe. Here are some of the folks who helped to create this timeless and more relevant than ever audio program.

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Marcos Terena is the Professor of Traditional and Spiritual Knowledge of the Indigenous People and Coordinator of the International Indigenous Forum on Bio diversity.

Mr. Terena founded the United Indigenous Nations, the first indigenous movement in Brazil and was one of the coordinators of the indigenous rights in the Brazilian Constitution.

He coordinated the World Conference of the Indigenous People on Territory, Environment and Development, in an indigenous zone, the Kari-Oca Park, where the Earth Letter and the Kari-Oca Declaration was created in Rio in 1992...the event from which The Indigenous Peoples Message To The World was recorded.

Besides being the creator of Indian Voice, a radio programme, Mr. Terena has also commented about indigenous rights in various television programmes. He has written two books: The Indian Aviator and The Citizens of the Jungle.

Mr. Terena is the Articulator of the Indigenous Rights in the UN as well as the President of the Intertribal Committee (ITC) and the VIATAN, an Indigenous Information Center.

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"Tribal Link Foundation, Inc. is a communications network linking indigenous peoples to information, media, resources and relevant networks, with a
special focus on the United Nations system.
Tribal Link provides outreach to the public regarding indigenous peoples
and their issues, emphasizing the significance of the United Nations
Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues.”

Tribal Link Foundation, Inc. was founded in 1993. The starting point of Tribal Link is that the world’s traditional peoples must survive. This can only happen with the help of the modern world, which is also the primary threat to their existence. Tribal Link matches the urgent needs of the world’s indigenous populations with the people and resources which can help them.

Tribal Link has been granted 501(c)(3) status,
and contributions to Tribal Link are tax deductible.

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LAND IS LIFE is a unique and effective indigenous-led organization that is at the forefront of the international struggle to promote and protect the rights of indigenous peoples.

Land is Life funds indigenous-led campaigns for change and offers strategic help to indigenous organizations. We also champion extraordinary individuals who can give voice to their struggle in their home countries and internationally.


The Indigenous Peoples Message To The World was produced by David Ison of Therasound, the masterful pioneer in the use of sound and healing.