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Shlomo Carlebach is widely considered the 20th century's foremost innovator of Jewish Music.

In a career that spanned over 30 years he recorded over 35 albums that continue to enjoy worldwide popularity. After his narrow escape to America from Nazi Austria, he helped to pioneer an outreach movement that encouraged Jewish youth to re-embrace their heritage.

He began performing at venues like the Village Gate, with the likes of Bob Dylan, Pete Seeger and the Grateful Dead. He appeared at the 1966 Berkeley Folk Festival and opened a center in Haight Ashbury called the House of Love and Prayer. From the mid 70's he became known as a troubadour, with a constant flow of stories and Hasidic teachings. Many of these stories and teachings are offerred for the first time in the wonderfully preserved recordings presented by BetterListen! We are proud to offer three remarkable spoken word recordings from Reb Shlomo (see sidebar for details).

Since his untimely death in 1994 his influence continues to increase. Today his melodies are embraced by many faiths as universally accepted spiritual music (Pope John Paul II held mass in Central Park to a Carlebach melody). His influence carries on today in popular musicians such as reggae star Matisyahu, a self-described "Marley/Calrebach mix."

Below check out a moving video we found on YouTube that captures the essence of Shlomo's enduring legacy.

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