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Excerpt from "Your Universe and You" with Edgar Mitchell

Cover-YourUniverse&You-BetterListen We are pleased to continue to bring you even more from Edgar Mitchell with this excerpt from "Your Universe and You".  

There is a fundamental original design for all of this.  A priori knowledge that the universe was constructed in thought a priori and laid out in all its glory, and we are just following a plan.  That isn’t the evidence either.  The evidence is that we’re in an evolving, creating, self-organizing, learning universe.  And the consciousness that is us is a part of the consciousness that is creating it all along.  And that, instead of being passive participants in this play, we are the major actors and have been all along.  We just forgot who and what we are.  So the ancient question can be rephrased only slightly, to give us a better picture of what it is that we are dealing with.  Virtually all of our systems of the past have talked about our physicality; we’ve expressed ourselves as physical beings yearning for a spiritual experience.  And if we turn that around and say that the alternative is that we are eternal conscious beings creating a physical experience, I think we have it closer to being right.  The problem is that it is very difficult for us to experience that.  


How many have heard Deepak Chopra, Dr. Deepak Chopra?  Quite a few of you. Good. Some haven’t.  Dr. Chopra is an Indian by birth. Not an American Indian -- the real type.  Trained in the west. Family of physicians.  On the staff at Harvard Medical School and Harvard Hospital and at this point dedicated to bringing some of the ancient wisdom of the ayurvedic medical techniques into western medicine.  And he speaks of these subjects, virtually the same as I do, but from the point of view of medical scientist and practitioner.  And he gives a wonderful little analogy that I like so much from his native county and it’s called precognitive commitment.  It is the notion that you take a young elephant and tie them with a small green vine in their youth, and then as they grow up -- I mean you always tether them with a small green vine -- but when they grow up they may be able to break a chain tied around their leg but they can’t break a small green vine. Because they are precognitively committed to that which confines them.  If you take insects and put them in a closed jar, and keep them alive in there for awhile and then take the lid off, very, very few will escape.  They are precognitively committed to their environment.


We have become precognitively committed to the idea that we are physical first and spiritual second when it is really the other way around.

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