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New Instant Access MP3 Format Lectures from Marianne Williamson

  Spiritualityandtheoilspill_copy_mediumWe are pleased to announce that five more titles from the Marianne Williamson Lecture Series recorded live in Los Angeles are now available.  These include a fantastic talk given on June 1 titled "Spirituality & the Oil Spill" in which Marianne talks about our country's addiction to oil and applies the tenets of the 12-Step Program to this troubling situation.  This unique view of the disaster is enlightening and heart-breaking, yet hopeful in offering us a roadmap of what we as Americans and individuals need to do to heal from this catastrophe and how we can better relate to each other and the rest of the world.

New Lectures from Marianne Williamson with Free Previews:

Spirituality and the Oil Spill 

Life is a Choice 

Pure Potentiality