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Excerpt 2 from Marianne Williamson's Lecture on "Spirituality and the Oil Spill"



MarianneWilliamson-HeadShotWe are delighted to share another transcribed excerpt from Marianne Williamson's lecture on"Spirituality and the Oil Spill", where Williamson stresses how important it is for us to have real conversation about exactly what is happening in our country today.

In a place like this, we can admit we came to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity. And for those of us who believe that this conversation, well, can the republicans manage us or can the democrats manage us, maybe BP can manage it? Who can manage it? Can the scientists manage it? 

I think for those of us who get the concept, it’s very important to realize that basically, it’s unmanageable. We need a spiritual shift here in the consciousness of enough people in this country to get that something is out of control. And you know sometimes we talk here about how our job spiritually is not to get the message out, our job is to get the message in. Much like in an AA meeting, you know, you’re not seeking to prosthelytize. It is attraction and not promotion. And so I’m not saying that we need to go talk to people about this. 

The truth of the matter is if even two people... you know I’ve been amazed, I sit there sometimes in the middle of the night when I get up, and I’ll do the Facebook thing, and on my Facebook page when I say we need to visualize plugging the hole with angels, and angels are the thoughts of God, and send the thoughts of atonement, and asking nature’s forgiveness for our lack of reverence, and atoning for how we have behaved so recklessly with nature, etc. -- and it’s just amazing to me to see a thousand people. 

There’s a hunger in this country for a real conversation. There’s a hunger in this country, I believe, for a conversation that goes beyond this ultimately very superficial dialogue that we have about the problems at this time in our history. And because everything arises out of a conversation, it’s very dangerous that our conversation is so shallow. 

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