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Excerpt from the Marianne Williamson Lecture "Situation Perfect"

MarianneWilliamson-HeadShotIn a transcribed excerpt from a talk titled "Situation Perfect" -- part of Marianne Williamson's Lecture Series recorded live in Los Angeles -- Williamson reminds us that we have the power and capability to live our perfect light and change the world.


Right now I want to talk about you as an idea in the mind of God, and this essence of who you truly are. We’ve often used this image of Michelangelo saying that when he created a sculpture the way he saw it when he would go get the marble at the quarry, God had already created the perfect sculpture, the David, the Pieta, the Moses. And Michelangelo’s job as he saw it was: you get rid of the excess marble that surrounded the perfect statue that God had already created. 

This is analogous to the Christ within you. Using the word Christ this way, it’s the idea of the perfect light within you. You do not have to create your profession. First of all, you couldn’t; second of all, it’s already done. And god, once he creates something, it is changeless. It was, it is, it always shall be. So that’s the first attitudinal shift. You don’t have to do anything to make yourself more amazing, more radiant than you already are. The Christ is already complete within you. The issue is the veils of obfuscation. 

Now, as a child of God, because God is all that is, if God has a thought, just as with you and me, there is the imprint of our thinking. So all of the attributes of God, since God is all that is, all of the attributes of God are in you. You are already all-powerful. With every thought you think you express power. The issue is with every thought you think, you either create or destroy. Because every thought you think is either righteous, right use of mind, or a wrong minded use. 

I was reading a quote the other day from Mahatma Gandhi, and in this quote it said, if most people, if you took where we live, inside ourselves, the way we live on this earth, and you look at the gap between what most people do and what we are capable of doing, if we close the gap between what we do and what we are capable of doing, we would solve most of the problems of the world.

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