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Excerpt from Marianne Williamson's Lecture "The Power of Stillness"

Cover-MarianneWilliamson-powerofstillness The following transcribed excerpt is a profound teaching from Marianne Williamson on how we push away that which we most long for by grasping.  This is part of a lecture by Marianne recorded live in Los Angeles on October 5, 2010.  The message is timeless.

I love that section in the Course of Miracles. I love that whole idea that the ego’s dictate in love is “seek but do not find”. We are constantly on a search for love and we are constantly on a search for the various things that we think would mean love. So it could be the love of a person, it could be a certain kind of job, or it could be a certain form of anything. But we are always seeking for that which we think will complete us. 

However, when we are following the dictates of the ego, in doing so we are so misguided in our perception of what it is that is love and what it is that truly completes us, that misperceiving we behave in the very way that self-sabotages and makes sure that we repel rather than attract what it is that we want. We all know what it is to mess up because you cared too much. Sometimes we do this with other people. Sometimes we do this in job interviews. There is a certain way to be hungry that is a good thing, but there is another way of being hungry that is filled with a kind of frantic grasp. And when we are grasping for something, I’ll be okay if I can be in this relationship, I’ll be okay if I can have this place to live, I’ll be okay if I could have that money, I’ll be okay if I could have that job. God does not grasp. God is not overwhelmed. God is not worried. And our purpose on this earth is to learn to love as God loves.   To learn to love as God loves is the same thing as saying to learn to think as God thinks. 

And when we are in that place, that holy zone, by whatever name we call it -- that place of light, the Buddha mind, the Christ mind, the Shekinah, whatever we call it -- when we are in that place, we not only don’t have to grasp for anything, but the reason we don’t have to grasp for anything is because the universe is so perfect and so self organizing that everything that could possibly lift us into the greatest creative potential, everything that could possibly lift us to our greatest joy, is already either in front of us but we are not even seeing it, which is often the case, or speeding at us faster than we could even imagine possible. When we are grasping, we are throwing the universe off kilter a little bit. The earth does not grasp to stay around the sun. The planets are in a natural orbit and you do not get a sense that they are trying too hard. And we all know in every area of life that when we try too hard we are not attractive, we are actually repellant. We repel the people or the circumstances that often we want the most. 

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