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Excerpt from "The King of Togo Togo and Other Stories"

LauraSimms-KingOfTogotogoCover-BL Laura Simms' recording of "The King of Togo Togo and Other Stories" is a collection of truly delightful stories that the whole family will enjoy.  The following transcribed excerpt of the story about the donkey and goose who were in love will give you a taste of what to expect.

There was once a donkey and a goose and they were in love. They lived on opposite sides of a road separated by two fences and all day they would stare at each other and sigh. They wished that they could speak each other’s language so that they could tell one another how much they loved each other. 

One evening there was a boy and a girl walking down the road holding hands, kissing, and talking about a wishing well at the end of the road. Everybody knows that animals can’t understand each other’s language but they can understand the language of human beings. So they understood and each one made a plan.
Late that night the donkey pushed open the gate with his head and went “clippity, cloppity, clippity, cloppity, clippity, cloppity” right down that road until he came to the wishing well, pulled himself up with his long legs, leaned over the edge and said, “Eeeehh Ohhhh, I am so in love. I wish I could be a goose.” And all of a sudden, the donkey shrunk down to the size of a goose, turned colors, his ears went in, his tail was gone, and he had webbed feet. Happily, the donkey who was now a goose hopped off the wishing well and waddled, waddled, waddled, waddled all the way back to his fence. He pushed in the door with his rear, shut it with his head, and waited.
Later that night the goose who was digging a hole beneath her fence pushed herself out onto the road and waddled, waddled, waddled, waddled all the way to the wishing well. Then she leaped up with great difficulty, balanced on the edge of the well and said into the water, “Honk, I am so in love. I wish I could be a donkey.” And low and behold, the goose became a donkey. Ears came out of her head. She grew long and brown with a big tail and long legs. The goose who was now a donkey leaped off the side of the wishing well and clippity, cloppity, clippity, cloppity, clippity, cloppity went back to her fence. She pushed in the door with her rear, shut it with her head, and waited. They could hardly wait for the sun to rise so that they could see one another. 

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