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Marianne Williamson
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Excerpt from Marianne Williamson's Lecture "Small Dramas, Ancient Truths"

Ancient Truths with Marianne Williamson
In this profound lecture recorded live earlier this year in Los Angeles.  Titled "Small Dramas, Ancient Truths", Marianne helps us tap into that which is so much larger than us, but is the truth of who we are.

When we do the opening prayer, we see a little ball of golden light. This concept of light, of course, runs through spiritual and religious philosophy. And in ACIM it says, “Light is understanding.” So to say, “I see the light” is the same as saying “I understand.” So tonight, I’d like to begin by reading to you from the text in A Course in Miracles, a section called, “From Darkness to Light.”
Now remember thousands of years ago they didn’t have words like dysfunction, sociopathology, addiction, compulsivity, narcissism, blah, blah, blah. They just called it darkness. And they didn’t, you know… anxiety, angst, all that kind of stuff -- just darkness.

And they didn’t have a way of talking about the various ways that we talk about in a psychological age. This was way before Freud. Way before the modern psychological tradition. So the light has to do with the various regions of wisdom and understanding that we know to be the sources of true joy. So listen to this.
“From darkness to light. When you are weary, remember you have hurt yourself. Your comforter will rest you but you cannot. You do not know how. For if you did, you could never have grown weary. Unless you hurt yourself, you could never suffer in a way, for that is not God’s will for you.    Pain is not of Him for he knows no attack and his peace surrounds you silently.    God is very quiet for there is no conflict in him. Conflict is the root of all evil. For being blind, it does not see whom it attacks. Yet it always attacks you and the Son of God is you.
God’s Son is indeed in need of comfort. For he knows not what he does believing his will is not his own. The kingdom is his and yet he wanders homeless. At home, in God, he is lonely, and amid all his brothers, he is friendless. Would God let this be real when He did not will to be alone himself? And if your will is His, it cannot be true of you because it is not true of Him. Oh my child, if you knew what God wills for you, your joy would be complete. And what he wills has happened for it was always true.”

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