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Marianne Williamson
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Excerpt from Marianne Williamson's Lecture "What You Really Want"

Cover-MW-What_you_really_want-BL How does one discern a true heart's desire from a more flippant want or need?  Marianne Williamson helps us clarify what is a true, "appropriate desire" in a transcribed excerpt from a talk titled "What You Really Want".  This lecture was recorded live in Los Angeles this past July 18. 

When we are in our oneness with the spirit, when we are centered through prayer, through meditation, through the lessons, whether in the Course in Miracles or any other, through a path of trying to live as more forgiving and compassionate, whatever spiritual path that is. It is true that we come to an understanding that we need nothing, but let’s be clear about what that means. That does not mean that we do not have needs within the mortal world. The Course in Miracles makes that clear. That within the mortal world -- it even has a line in the third volume I think, maybe one of the pamphlets, where it says, “The holy spirit knows what your rent is.” So to say you have no need is not to say that you have no righteous desires.

So the issue to ask yourself, first of all what I would say, and I’m not going to ask anyone to reveal anything that’s uncomfortable or anything. I hate those places where they ask you something and then they say, “Now turn to the person to your right and tell them.” (laughs) No, no, no, no. But I’m asking you to look at what I just asked you that you wanted, and then I want to… I heard of a woman once who was working with teenagers. She would say, “What do you want?” Then she would say, “What do you really want?” So in asking what you want, I would like you to go back to what you just came up with and I would like you to look again. Did you really allow yourself to say what you really want? How many of you… well first of all do that. What do you really want? Okay? How many of you in saying “Okay, I’m going to get real with myself. This is what I really want.” How many of you found the second time that there was a difference between the second time and the first time? And how many of you would say that the difference is that the second time you wanted more? Now look at that. Isn’t that interesting?
So often when I’ve said before in my life that I have seen that I have gotten whatever I allowed myself to want without ambivalence… If you want with ambivalence because I shouldn’t want it or whatever, then you are giving those mixed signals to the universe. Remember we are taught, not just in the Course in Miracles, but in any metaphysical path, that the world out there is just a reflection of our thoughts. So if I am saying what I want, even if I am doing all kinds of magic tricks to try to get what I want, even using the power of the mind. But a lot of times you’ll notice that even when we try doing that, you can feel it. It’s up here, when desire comes from here. It’s what I really want. It’s what you really want. And you can’t feel comfort within your desire unless in your heart you know it’s an appropriate desire. And it’s an appropriate desire if it’s being guided.

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