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Marianne Williamson
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Excerpt 2 from Marianne Williamson's "A Return to Love Workshop"

MW-a_return_to_love_workshop_cover-BLIn this transcribed excerpt from her wonderful "A Return to Love Workshop", Marianne Williamson explains that there are, for all of us, essentially only two emotions:  love and fear.  And when we live in one or the other, we quite simply manifest "heaven" or "hell" in our lives.   

The Course in Miracles says love is to fear as light is to darkness. So when I shut my heart and I do not allow the love of God that is in me to stream through me, in that moment I deflect love and my mind flips over like a breaker switch and I move into fear. The Course in Miracles says there are only two emotions: love and fear. All what you and I would think of as negative emotion derives from fear. But as I said, love is to fear as light is to darkness. How do you get rid of darkness? You turn on the light. How do you get rid of fear? You turn on the love.

Now, this thing happened millions of years ago in time as we know it -- this thing that never really happened at all. When my mind, the power of my mind, is used in a way that is not loving -- since love or God is the only reality -- then when I am thinking without love, I am actually not thinking at all. I am hallucinating. And that is what this world, this three dimensional reality is. It is a giant mortal hallucination. And when I am thinking without love, what I am doing is I am not creating. When I am thinking with love, I am creating. When I am not thinking with love, what I am doing is making. Only love creates.
When I move out of my love, I move into what is called, in a Course in Miracles, the ego. The ego, the Course says, is quite literally a fearful thought. So, what happens is that when I think with love, I manifest this loving environment. When I think without love, I am in fear and I manifest a different experience altogether. That experience of reality of love is where I am aware of my oneness with others because I am extending love. That makes me peaceful. A word for that is heaven. When the ego mind for whatever reason is able to tempt me out of love to convince me that in that moment that person did not deserve love for whatever reason, I shut my heart. I manifest a world that is not loving, that is not peaceful, that is painful for me, that is painful for others, that is the ego mind and that is called hell.

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