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Excerpt 1 from Ram Dass in Brazil - A Visit to Healer John of God

Cover-RamDassInBrazil-healerjohnOfGod-BLEven in something as simple as the process of a question and answer period, Ram Dass explores being utterly in the moment of that particular interchange.  This fascinating transcribed excerpt is part of a talk Ram Dass gave in Brazil in 2003 during a visit to the healer John of God.

This game is played with silence and then the silence is broken for somebody who has a question, and you can clothe the question as personal life, as my life, or sadhana, or the world condition. It can be clothed any way. Then I answer the questions. I am playing the role of Ram; R-A-M is “rent-a-mouth”. You are renting my mouth to represent what we all have, which we all share, is a certain plane of consciousness, and I don’t come by that plane naturally. As you don’t. Natural because we are in incarnations. And it is not natural in an incarnation to consider the incarnation from outside of it. You may have a question, you reach for it, I will see your hand, and I will call on you. In between questions, there are waves of silence so we can go, we can surf the silence.

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