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Excerpt from "Healing at the End of the Century" - Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

Elizabeth-KUBLER_ROSS_HealingEndOfCentury-Cover-BLThe late Elisabeth Kubler-Ross was a pioneer in the field of death and dying and she established the five stages of grief, now widely acknowledged, accepted, and utilized in day-to-day practice.  Kubler-Ross's curiosity about death and dying led her witness and hear about extraordinary events.  This transcribed excerpt from "Healing at the End of the Century" is astounding, enjoy.

It is true, 100% true that you always get what you need, but you have to learn honesty and you have to learn humility. If you are too arrogant to ask for help, this place can be crowded and they will not help you. If you stand on a windowsill to jump down to commit suicide and you do not ask for help, you will actually jump down and drop your physical body because you are not humble enough to ask for help. If you ask, you will be given, and you should experiment with it because I am a scientist --  I was a very skeptical person and I didn’t believe all of that naïve stuff that they teach you. I knew that most of them didn’t believe a word that they were preaching, and so I went out to check it, to simply experiment, and I told my wonderful minister friend at the University of Chicago, I said, “You are always standing in your pulpit and you say ‘Ask and you will be given.’ I am going to ask now.” And I made the mistake like that because God is supposed to sit up there somewhere, and I said, “I am asking God now to help me to do research on death, not on dying. I want to know what happens to all of us at the moment of death.” And he had a nice grin on his face but I knew from his grin that he didn’t believe that this works though he teaches this every Sunday.

Within five days, and I swear within five days, we had our first experience of near-death experience, that later when Moody described in his book that most of you probably know -- Life After Life. We had a woman who was in and out of the intensive care unit fifteen times. And all of this worked out again. And the nurses felt very uncomfortable around her. There was something kooky about it, and she shared with us the first experience, and we were so naïve in those days that we thought that if we get five cases, we were going to publish it in every scientific journal, and it will totally blow the doctors minds, and they will really look into this. We have 20,000 cases now. We have not published it. What happened after Moody’s book came out, is that I needed to go beyond Moody’s book because those are near-death experiences. It doesn’t prove what happens when you are actually dead.
And so I asked my helpers, I said, “Give me a clue how to do this research.” And within a few days I got the experience of a woman who was hit by a hit and run driver in the Southwest, an Indian woman. And this woman was lying on the side of the road not externally injured but internally very severely injured. Nobody stopped. In America they are afraid of lawsuits. And this woman was lying there God knows how long. One man stopped and said, “Is there anything I can do for you?” and she said, “No, no not really.” And this man did not leave her. He sat at the side of the highway with this woman. And after awhile she leaned up and she said, “Maybe you could do something for me. One day if you ever get near the Indian reservation, give my mother a message. Tell my mother that I was okay. Tell her that I am very happy because I am already with my dad.” And then she died in the arms of this stranger. And this man was so touched that he was at the right time at the right place that he drove 700 miles out of his way to visit the Indian mother who very calmly told him she understands what message the daughter wanted to send her, because her husband, the dad of the accident victim, died of a totally unexpected coronary one hour before the car accident that killed the daughter.
Do you understand that? I don’t have to say anything? It’s silent, thank you. You ask and you will be given. You will not be given everything that you want but I guarantee you that you will be given what you need. If you are not given what you think you need.

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