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Marianne Williamson
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Excerpt from Marianne Williamson's "Relationships Workshop"

Cover-MW-relationships_workshop-BLIn this inspired transcribed excerpt from Marianne Williamson's "Relationships Workshop," Williamson tells workshop attendees -- and us -- how we simply have to get out of our own way.  


You know, I often use the story of Michelangelo being asked how he created a sculpture. And he said that in his mind, he had been given a huge piece of rough marble, but in his mind, God had already created the sculpture. God had already created the Pieta, Moses, David. Michelangelo saw his job as getting rid of all the excess marble.
Now see, the way the world sees relationships is “What can I add on to make myself more attractive?” But everything in the thinking of the world particularly in the area of relationships is upside down.

Completely 180 degrees away from the thinking of God. So what we want to do is not add more. “What new can I get to paste onto my personality that might make me more attractive?” Attractive is like a magnet. The more you put in front of the magnet the less strong its signal. The more you put on top of the magnet the less strong its attractive power. Am I right? So what we want to think in terms of here today is not what can I add, but what can I let go. Because the Course in Miracles tells us that the way God created the universe, everything is perfect. Not only are you perfect, but there is a perfect plan for you theoretically.
Now, let’s look at when a child is conceived and then the embryo. There is the fetus growing into the embryo, growing into the baby. There is just this wisdom in nature by which cells differentiate. And you know, you watch if you’re pregnant, even if you’re not pregnant, sometimes you’re really fascinated by those books where they’ve taken the photograph of the development. It’s unbelievable. And at this point the spleen and the heart. It’s unbelievable. Well, there is this wisdom to nature obviously, which nature knows what its doing. Taking the fetus into the role of baby.
Now extend that. What if God has a plan and your physical birth is to your birth in spirits like the conception, the egg and the sperm, beginning the path of the growth of the fetus into the full baby? Now in that, what that would mean is everything just happens. Everything just happens. Now, nature in its wisdom keeps that fetus, that embryo away from our grubby hands. The process occurs in a place that is protected. Not only protected from that stuff but our own stuff. We would get in there. Maybe I could rush the eyes. Maybe I could rush the spleen. But over all these years, nature has it down. Now let’s think of the same as that God knows what he’s doing, but just as the goal of that fetus is to become a baby, nature’s goal for you is to become what? Someone tell me. Happy. That not only the Course in Miracles says enlightenment equals happiness. And that’s our function on this earth. And the course of miracles tells us that is the function of relationships. We are meant to be happy.
So, as we’ve said so many times in our work together, if you’ve ever been with me before, the embryo doesn’t have to say I will be a baby, I will be a baby, I will be a baby. It happens naturally. But what does have to be done is the process has to be allowed. Now, theoretically back to this divine perfect essence. What you and I want to do here today is not pick up new tools. What we want to address is our own desire and our own willingness to look honestly at ourselves in order that we might see, become aware of what those “barriers” are that we hold against its coming.

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