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Marianne Williamson
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Excerpt from "The Tao of the Dow: Miracles and the U.S. Economy" with Marianne Williamson

MW-TaoDowMiracles_and_us_economy-Cover-BLMarianne Williamson tells us that we must see the problems for exactly what they are, and that we must be willing to change on the most profound level.  Check out what Williamson has to say in this transcribed excerpt from her lecture on "The Tao of the Dow: Miracles and the U.S. Economy."

I want to tell you what America’s dirty little secret is about capitalism. And many people in this room know it to be true. Once you are in that club, it is not that hard to stay in it. Once you have the keys to that club, you lose money and you get money, but you kind of get, you have had the keys. You know, I do not have a problem with the fact that we say in America that everybody has to pull themselves up the ladder of success themselves. I’ve worked real hard myself. What I have earned in my life, I’ve worked. However, I am very clear. My society put me on the first rung. We are saying to millions of children in this society today climb up the ladder yourself when they are so little and somebody has to put them on that first rung. We do not even let them up on the ladder and then we tell them to climb. How can you tell somebody to pull themselves up by their bootstraps when they have no boots?

That is morally wrong. It is morally wrong.
So we can look at this economic teetering just like we look at anything else in our lives. What has happened with the American economy just like sometimes happens in our lives, if we realize there is a compulsion or an addiction that we are dealing with is that things have become unmanageable. The issue is not whether the Republicans or the Democrats can manage the economy. Given the spiritual base or the lack of spiritual base on which it is predicated at this point, it is and will remain unmanageable. And you bet that is important. You bet that is serious because as I said before, the implications and the possible consequences not only for this country but around the world that have to do with serious problems, even including serious hunger and even starvation, more starvation than there is for people around the world. This is not something, which as spiritual people, we look away from. It is something that we look right towards.
But we know that the answer does not lie on the level of the problem. The answer lies in here. So on one hand we want to pray for a miracle for the American economy. We should be praying for a miracle right now because let me tell you something, we need it. But on the other hand, remember what the Course in Miracles says. The Course in Miracles says, “Prayer is when we talk to God. Miracles is how he answers.” And a miracle is a shift in perception. So if we pray to God, you know, the Course in Miracles says, “God will not violate the law of cause and effect” because God created the law of cause and effect; he created it for our protection. You give love, you get love back. So you cannot ask God, “I am going to hold onto my cause but change the effect”, okay? That is not the way it works, the Course in Miracles says. The Course in Miracles says that the laws of the internal planes, as I said before, just like the laws of the external plane, are inviolable. The law will not be changed.

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