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Marianne Williamson
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Excerpt from "The Fullness of Yourself" with Marianne Williamson

MW-fullnessofyourself-Cover-BLMarianne Williamson offers us a profound message about our wholeness, about being complete, about having all that we've asked for, in this transcribed excerpt from her lecture "The Fullness of Yourself".  Recorded live in Los Angeles as part of Williamson's weekly lecture series.

Behind the search for every idol lies the yearning for completion. Wholeness has no form because it is unlimited. To seek a special person or a thing to add to you to make yourself complete can only mean that you believe some form is missing. And by finding this, you will achieve completion in a form you like. This is the purpose of an idol -- that you will not look beyond it to the source of the belief that you are incomplete. Only if you had sinned could this be so, for sin is the idea you are alone and separated off from what is whole. And thus, it would be necessary for the search for wholeness to be made beyond the boundaries of limits of yourself. It never is the idol that you want, but what you think it offers you.  You want, indeed, and have the right to ask for. Nor could it be possible, it be denied.
Your will to be complete is but God’s will. And this is given you by being his. God knows not form. He cannot answer you in terms that have no meaning. And your will could not be satisfied with empty forms made but to fill a gap that is not there. It is not this you want. Creation gives no separate person and no separate thing the power to complete the son of God. What idol can be called upon to give the son of God what he has already? Completion is the function of God’s son. He has no need to seek for it at all. Beyond all idols stands His holy will to be but what he is, for more than whole is meaningless. If there were change in Him, if He could be reduced to any form and limited to what is not in Him, he would not be as God created Him. What idol can He need to be Himself? For can He give a part of Him away? What is not whole cannot make whole. But what is really asked for cannot be denied. Your will is granted not in any form that would content you not but in the whole completely lovely thought God holds of you.

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