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Transcribed Excerpt from "Imagine" with Marianne Williamson

MW-imagine-Cover-BLMarianne Williamson uses John Lennons's song "Imagine" as a springboard to talk about our light and dark sides  Enjoy!

I was watching an interview with John Lennon and he was being asked about the song Imagine and about the perfection that he describes, and he said, “Are you kidding? What that song is describing is just 6:00 a.m.” That is just the tiny little morning of illumination. We see that as such a dream, and when you read things like this you realize we are just only beginning to open our eyes to possibility.

And yet I see in myself and I see in people around me that we do not yet have the appropriate impatience. We have impatience at the things perhaps we should be patient with, but we have patience with things that perhaps we should be more impatient with, and that is where we want to go. At what point do we decide that we have suffered enough?
I was hearing a friend say the other day -- she had two little dogs, a little black one and a little white one -- and she said, “Well, depending on how you see it, one dog represents my bright side, my happy side, and one dog represents my dark and tortured side.” I looked at her and said, “Yes. But only one of them is real.” See we coddle that myth, don’t we? That there are two parts of me -- my dark side and my light side. Well, what do you think happens to your dark side when it becomes transmuted? When that energy is dissolved and sent back to the nothingness from whence it came? What happened to your dark side? Did it dissolve? Well, if it dissolved then was it ever really real?
On the other hand, your light side, from A Course in Miracles perspective… whenever we act from the darkness, whenever we act from the fear, whenever we act without compassion, without gentleness, without kindness, without honesty, without integrity -- all those shadow places in ourselves, from A Course in Miracles perspective, in that moment your light side was not uncreated. The light side is real. The light side is the only side. The Course in Miracles says the course can be summed up very simply in this way: nothing real can be threatened, nothing unreal exists. And yet we coddle this idea of the dark side.
Now, do we have to acknowledge it? Do we have to take that fearless mental inventory, moral inventory? Do we have to look at our character defects? Absolutely. But there is a difference between looking at it and dealing with it and coddling it. That coddling, that “woundology”, as I think Carolyn Myss says, is a very huge issue because, as we were talking about last week, just as important as it is that we own our darkness. It is also important that we own our light. It is supposed to take three days between the crucifixion and the resurrection. It is not supposed to take three decades. At a certain point, if it is taking three decades instead of three days, it is because we ourselves have decided to slow down.

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