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Marianne Williamson
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Excerpt from "Cause & Effect" with Marianne Williamson

MW-causeandeffect-Cover-BLIn this thought-provoking transcribed excerpt from a lecture by Marianne Williamson, we are reminded at how the world and our perceptions change over time.

The conversation around our collective experience, our collective drama, is defined as politics. Now, the American people, I think, just like the people everywhere on this planet, all over the world -- we are now in the 21st century. There are conversations in philosophy, 19th century man. The 19th century man looked at the world differently than the 18th century man. The 20th century man looked at the world differently than the 19th century man. We would now see this as humanity. The point being that the 21st century human looks at the world differently than the 20th century human.
Now, we have phases that we go through, phases that we go through as individuals. You are a child, then you are an adolescent, and then you are a young adult, and these amazing processes that have to do. I remember when Gail Sheehy-- she wrote a book many years ago called Passages -- and Carl Jung has written about these things, how you know when you are in your teens life is one way, in your twenties life is another way, when you are in your thirties, another, forties another, fifties another, sixties another. There are these amazing passages that we go through and ways in which in every decade we live from a different place within ourselves.

Now, a collection of individuals goes through collective passages. We now understand, for instance, about family systems. We know that if somebody is going to get therapy, if somebody is going to get sober someplace, they are going to a rehab… we now know that it is not enough to just send the individual. The family ends up coming because even if the family can’t come or won’t come, there is a recognition that the person, the addict, the person in recovery, for instance, their behavior, their wounding all existed within the larger context of the family system.
And so it is with the nation. It’s not just that you’re going through the phases of your life. So we are collectively going through the phases of our lives. Now, there is something happening on this planet and it is not centered in any one country. It is not centered in any one geographical spot. As a matter of fact, one of the things that is going on this planet is that realization that the west is not the only place, and that Western Europe and that North America isn’t the only place where it is happening anymore. You know, after World War II it was. Things have shifted. People see the energy in Asia, and the energy in Latin America, and the energy in Africa. There is something coming up from very deep within the human right now. And you can feel the spirit. And I think you can feel it in the United States as well.

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