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Excerpt from "Good & Bad" with Marianne Williamson

MW-goodandbad-Cover-BLIn this profound transcribed excerpt from a talk by Marianne Williamson recorded live in Los Angeles, Williamson reminds us that, while we may continually forget it, there is nothing that is not God, that is not true, that is not love.

What is a miracle? A miracle is a sane thought. The Christ within us, the Shekinah, the light -- whatever name we use for this means our deep sanity. Now, the Course in Miracles says the thinking of the world is 180 degrees away from the thinking of God. So the thought system of the world is insane. The thought system of God is sane. It is the truth.

It means that you are a changeless being and you remember that. That nothing that you can do, nothing you have ever done can change that which is essentially true about you because God, what God creates, is created true for all time. You are an idea in the mind of God. And being an idea in the mind of God, the Course in Miracles says you are perfect love. You can forget that.  All of us have at times, and we do at times. We can forget that truth about ourselves but we cannot un-create that truth about ourselves. So when you are forgetful, when you are spiritually insane and forgetting who you are, behave in a way that expresses this non-truth about yourself… the Course in Miracles says God has placed within us, and this thing that He placed within us was placed there the first time that anyone had a thought that was insane. It was the moment, the Course in Miracles says, when the Son of God forgot to laugh. It happened millions of years ago in time as we know it, but in fact, it never happened. Because since only God is true and real, and God is love, any thought that ever emerged from that which is not love, which we are capable of doing because free will means we can think whatever we want to think, while we can think whatever we want to think, we cannot undo reality with a capital R.

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