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Excerpt from "Unemployment, God, and the Law of Divine Compensation" with Marianne Williamson

MW_unemploymentteleseminar-CoverTo support those affected by the recent recession, Marianne Williamson offered a teleclass on "Unemployment, God, and the Law of Divine Compensation."  Whether or not you have been personally impacted by the economic downturn, and long after the recession resolves, there are lessons for all of us to learn.  In the following transcribed excerpt from the teleclass, Williamson notes that regardless of what is going on in our country, the world, we are ultimately not of this world -- that there is a larger transcendant reality we are all part of.

There is a line in the Course in Miracles that says this: “You are heir to the laws that rule the world you identify with.” You are heir to the laws that rule the world you identify with, and there are in essence two worlds. There is the reality of the three dimensions -- the reality that our physical senses perceive -- and the reality of our bodies. Now, that is not ultimate transcendent reality, but it is the reality, the so-called reality, of our physical incarnation.
Now, there is another realm, another world, so to speak, and that other world is Reality with a capital “R”,

and even though that is our ultimate transcendent eternal reality, it is not the reality that our physical senses report to us. It is not the reality that is the agreed upon consensus of the thinking of the human race. The spiritual path always involves unlearning the thinking of this world and learning instead the thinking of the transcendent realm.
Now, within the world of reality with a small “r,” within the body’s world, within the reality of this incarnation, there is, as we all know, a recession going on, and this recession was caused by many things. But tonight what we are specifically talking about is how to be so lifted in spirit, lifted in consciousness, that we are not heir to the laws of diminishment and lack, which have occurred and which have emerged and had such devastating effects in so many people in American society and elsewhere today.
So what this means is that, yes, within this world there is a recession. Yes, within this world you are at the effect of it. Yes, within this world some serious economic injustice has occurred. Within the last 4-5 decades, there has been almost like a vacuum cleaner that has sucked up a vast majority of resources of wealth and placed it in the hands of a relative few. Yes, all of that is true within this world. However, the spiritual lesson at the core of all these things is that you are not of this world.

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