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The Man Woman Thing: Love and the Gender War - Part II

Today we are happy to bring part two of the transcription preview, The Man Woman Thing: Love and the Gender War from Sam Keen. Learn more about his thoughts on today's way of life based on power, control, and the constant battle perpetuated between women and men. 

The story that we tell about ourselves in Western culture, the gender story that we tell about ourselves goes all the way from our theology, how we think about God, how we think about bodies, to how we think about sexuality.

The story is told that Adam and Eve, coming out of the Garden of Eden, that Adam said to Eve, "Well my dear, we live in an age of transition." And that's true, but the transition, not withstanding, the stories that we tell about men and women and the structure of reality remain very much the same.

I'll tell you another story.  The story is told about an anthropologist who went to the South Seas Islands and began to talk about all the various customs there, and in the course of events, they got around to the sexual practices. And so they're supposedly, I guess, very inventive in South Seas Islands, so her informant told her about all these things, all these things that they did, and everything else, and got up to 78 different sexual positions that they use. And so finally, her informant ran out, and so she turned the tables on the anthropologist and asked her, "Well, you know, in the United States, What do you do? How do you do these things?" And the anthropologist said, "Well, you know, sort of, you know, the standard way, the missionary position." And she said,"Well, what's that?" And she said, "You know, the man on top and the woman underneath." The woman looks at her and says, "79!"

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