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The Man Woman Thing with Sam Keen

Today we are happy to bring you a transcription preview from one of our newest releases from Sam Keen, The Man Woman Thing: Love and the Gender War.  Learn about his thoughts on today's way of life based on power, control, and the constant battle perpetuated between women and men. 

I've learned to duck whenever I hear the word patriarchy. I know I'm gonna get it. Every invention of the western world is...I mean women can write about how bad patriarchal technology is, they're using computers to do it. Stop the blame game. The new thing in intellectual life of the 20th century, I think the new thing, is systems theory. We have to apply systems theory to relationships between men and women. Even, say, to relationship violence. The blame game mostly now is about violence.

Men are violent toward women. Well it's true. What do you expect us to be? That's what we were trained to be. We're trained to be violent, of course it's going to get out of control. So, in the violence game, women play an equal part to men. It's a different part, it's "I'm helpless, you defend me." And it's quite all right for us to be violent when we go out there and kill a half million people, keep the oil flowing. But it's not when it comes home, and we get confused and beat up. We've been taught to be violent. There's a system going on here. Do we want to play a game? Or do we want to readdress it? We all have to deal with the violence of the world. We do that, we have to change how we think of as women and men. Maybe aggression is a good thing to do.

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