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Living the Questions with Sam Keen Part II

We are pleased to bring you this trascription preview of "Living the Questions" from best selling author Sam Keen.  You can also listen to a free audio of this transcription below.

Are you always searching for the answers to live a more complete, satisfying life?  Sam challenges us to ask the correct questions to create a more meaningful life.  
I remember for instance the time when after this, after divorce, and I'd been down so long seemed like up to me, as they said.

My therapist talked and said "I'm going to ask you to ask yourself this question".  He asked me one of the most startling questions I've ever been asked. He said, "What is it that you like about suffering?" This son of a bitch, I was paying him a hundred dollars a week. Only a hundred dollars a week.  It's three sessions for a hundred a week. You know how long ago that it's been?

Son of a bitch, I thought that he was sympathetic toward me and he was asking me what it was that I liked about suffering. And it rocked my boat. And everything turned around because I had to deal with what it was I liked about suffering, how I was using suffering.

The Prisoner of Chillon, Byron talks about being chained to this guy, chained to a post for 38 years. They finally let him go and he imagines him being let free and he says, "My very chains and I grew friends, so much a long communion tends to make us what we are. Alas, I regained my freedom with a sigh."

Suffering was the way that kept me chained to what was secure, painful but secure. Freedom was scary, especially if freedom felt good because for a Scot brought up in the Calvinist tradition, feeling good was a great threat.

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