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The Body Wheel with Joe Loizzo ( Part II )

Today we are pleased to bring you part two of our transcribed preview from Joe Loizzo, The Body Wheel.   These guided meditations recorded by Dr. Joe Loizzo are meant to support all four horizons of contemplative learning and meditative practice that make up the gradual path to freedom and happiness taught in the Nalanda tradition.

As we get into a kinder, gentler rhythm of breath and sort of often are usually centered at the heart, we can imagine riding the fresh air, the pulse of oxygen as it fills every tissue. And so riding that wave of refreshment with mindfulness and awareness so that our mindfulness and awareness are filling our whole breathing body. And our body itself, instead of being such a solid thing, shifts a breath at a time into being sort of more like a whole living, breathing bubble, like a person shaped long or person shaped bubble with this delicate rainbow tissue of life and awareness.

As we shift into that breath body, we sort of once again imagine tuning out our normal mental image or sense of our body as a solid particle of matter or heap of matter cut off from other things filled with flesh and bones and bodily fluids, bodily heat, and gases, breath gases. Instead we can tune into the more mental body or the sort of neuro-energy body that supports our awareness that's right next to our awareness, like a horse that we're riding.

As we tune into that body, of course, we find we feel lighter and clearer, and you can sort of imagine that it's as if you, your mind, was a PET scanner that could just focus on the wave of breath and awareness of life, energy, and awareness as it fills and empties you, like a rainbow wave filling and emptying the bubble, the person bubble of your body.

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