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Basic Stress-Reduction and Self Healing with Joe Loizzo

We are pleased to bring you part one of the transcriptions for Basic Stress-Reduction and Self-Healing through Meditation, Insight, and Imagery with Joe Liozzo.  This beginning course teaches the theory and practice of stress-reduction and self healing based on the Indo-Tibetan tradition of mind/body medicine and positive psychology.

So the intention of the program is that you pick one meditation skill that you're gonna to try to get under your belt while you're here. And eight weeks, it's not that much time. And so there are 8 or 9 or maybe soon there will be 10 or whatever different audio tapes on the website. Most of those are what I call liberal arts, that is they shouldn't be your regular daily practice. And, in fact, they're quite optional. They're just there to help expand your sense of different possibilities of styles of meditating or aspects of meditation. 

So you need to pick. Part of the reason why I introduce the short mindfulness and the short visualization is that, in the Tibetan tradition, either one of those are considered introductory practices, mindfulness or visualization. So you can pick either one as your basic practice and if you don't know which one you want to pick, pick the mindfulness, simply because it's, again simpler, more generally usable. And so you wanna be trying to practice the mindfulness, either the short one or the long one, as much as you can. If you decide you're going to be a visualization meditator, you can work on the same things with the visualization. Right?

So the ability to have the experience, the complicated experience and feel like you savored it and you didn't rush past it, and to some extent depends on your ability to really be present with the experience in the moment. That's the way you're experiencing the evanescent inner nature of the mind. As time goes by, you become more able to actually have the sense this is really happening. Even if it's happening more quickly, it's more the feeling that it's happening that we're trying to focus on, the feeling that something real, that I'm having a real moment experience of presence.

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