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Telling Your Story Part Two with Sam Keen

We are pleased to bring you part two of this transcription from best selling author Sam Keen.  You can also listen to a free audio of this transcription below.

Think about what happens when the average person dies by the end of their 30's or maybe their 40's. Life expectancy in Chad today is still between 38 and 42. So if you do that, then what you do is you're always living by the software that the tribe is plugged into. You don't have a chance to come around and say, "Well, wait a minute. Is this my story?" So the people in primitive societies who broke out of that pattern were the Shamans or Shapers. We have to get this language down.

They probably were actually Sha-women more frequently, although I think that the advantage of being in the one down position is that it gives you more insight into the society. You know that you aren't exactly the way they say you are. There are many disadvantages. So the Sha-man was a person who looked through and began to say, "You know, these aren't my stories." So they begin to see how crazy, or how mythic, their society was.  Because to see how mythically we're living, to see how controlled we are by other people's stories, we have to take almost a trip out of our own skin.  Indeed, one of the reasons that mythology is now of interest is because of the drug revolution. The drug revolution gave a lot of people an experience of getting outside of their own cultural sect.

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