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5 Steps to a Productive Daily Routine


“Your beliefs become your thoughts,
Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions,
Your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your values,
Your values become your destiny.”

Mahatma Gandhi

Let’s face it, at one point or another we have all suffered from having too much to do and feeling like there is too little time in the day. When life is pulling us in so many directions at once, how can we make the best of ourselves and our time? The to-do lists seem endless, and we often find ourselves easily distracted from the task at hand. One way to harness this constant assault on our productivity is to combat it with a daily routine.

1) Protect the early hours 

Don’t hit snooze on the alarm. Instead, set it earlier. This time is device free! Use the early bird hours for your own personal practice, whether it is yoga, meditation, or singing in the shower, anything that supports your personal growth and the mind-body connection. Even a five-minute meditation can change the course of your day. Nourishing yourself first thing in the day allows you to remain calm and collected when faced with the inevitable stresses of the day.

2) Eat a healthy breakfast 

It seems a bit cliché, but our body runs better on premium fuel. Stock up on healthy fats, fresh fruits, and fiber to stimulate digestion and to give you the energy you need to get moving. Consider a glass of hot lemon water while preparing breakfast. Making sure to stay hydrated and well-nourished throughout the day helps keep us in a good mood and well-energized.

3) Focus on one thing at a time 

The easiest way to lose focus is by dividing our attention. In order to mark things off the list, they must actually get completed. Staying on task could mean only checking your email once an hour instead of staying signed in all day. If you get lost in Facebook, only check it right before you go to lunch and right before you leave work. You may choose to spend less time in distraction if you are cutting into lunch or family time! Minimizing interaction with productivity drains like email and Facebook will help you stay on task and get the job done.

4) Leave work at work 

Don’t walk out of the door with a list of things to do later. Make the list, but leave it at work. After starting the day with some personal time and healthy breakfast, the first few hours of work can be the most productive. If you start that list first thing tomorrow, you will be amazed how quickly it gets done. Use your commute as a time when you can enjoy your favorite podcast or find a book you have been meaning to read and instead download it.

5) Make bedtime technology free 

Turn off the electronics one hour before going to bed. Decide to eliminate screen glare and distractions from your bedtime routine so that you can make a smooth transition to sleep. We are the most suggestible right before we go to sleep, so choose something uplifting as part of your evening routine. It’s a nice time for self-reflection, a quick self-massage, or a bit of meditation. Sleeping better will allow you to sleep less, making you more productive and happier throughout your day.
These 5 steps are designed to guide you towards maximum productivity throughout the day. Obviously, the best daily routines involve taking care of yourself physically, emotionally and mentally before the day starts.  Hone in on the things that make you a stronger, more creative individual and make time for those things daily. With a little bit of focus and devotion to your daily routine, you will find yourself happier, healthier, and with less on your to-do list in no time.
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