James HIllman

A Blue Fire Part I with James Hillman

We are happy to bring you part one of this excerpt from A Blue Fire Part I by James Hillman.  He burns through the entire range of his life's work in this lecture.  Recorded during a seminar weekend in Rowe, Massachusetts, this talk is a conflagration of ideas.  The result is Hillman revisions himself, his work, and archetypal psychology.

Hillman reads from and reflects on his life's work.

"Philosophers have tried to keep the line between spirit and soul by keeping soul altogether out of their works or assigning it a lower place. Descartes confined soul to the pineal gland, a little enclave between the opposing powers of internal mind and external space. More recently, Santayana has put soul down in the realm of matter and considered it an antimetaphysical principle. Collingwood equated soul with feeling and considered that psychology had no business invading the realm of thought and ideas. The spiritual point of view always posits itself as superior, and operates particularly well in a fantasy of transcendence among ultimates and absolutes."


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