Shlomo Carlebach

Teachings of Joy and Oneness with Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach

Today we are pleased to bring you this special program from Rabbi Shlomo Carleback.  The late Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach offers profound wisdom in how to love wholly in this beautiful transcribed excerpt from "Carlebach Teachings of Joy and Oneness & Other Stories."  His words are touching and deep, with instruction for us all.

We are living in a world which needs healing.  The whole world needs healing.  The whole world needs fixing.  The saddest most heartbreaking thing in the world when parents look at children and they think, “You know – hey! What’s going on? Why didn’t you have A+ every subject? Why aren’t you the best in piano playing? Why aren’t you the best in everything?”  So this is why a child is born in your house?  Because never has a child thought before it was born, he had two people who love me enough to fix me.

In these never before released talks by the late Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach, we are exposed to his deeply spiritual and simple truths, lessons and inspirations. Interspersed in the teachings are wonderful melodies composed by Rabbi Carlebach, who offers this profound yet simple truth: “When you see something wrong with the world you are the one to fix it."

Part of excerpt from recording: “Every day God needs different things from us. You know one of the great Rabbis passed away. And his children came to the holy visionary…and he says to them, “What was the most important thing for your father?” so they said, “For our father, the most important thing is what you do right now.”

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