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New Release: Christianity and Full Humanity with Brother David Steindl-Rast - Preview One

We are pleased to bring you this new release, Christianity and Full Humanity with Brother David Steindl-Rast.  Let's explore the topic of Christianity, what it means to each of us and how we can actually come full circle.  

Our topic for today is Christianity and the Past to Full Humanity.  There are those among us, I’m sure, who have experienced that the Christian tradition is a past to full humanity, are very happy with it and want to explore this further. There are those among us who have experienced what was represented to them as Christianity, but was really a block toward full humanity and human fulfillment.  Unfortunately, that also happens.

There are some Christians who think one can become a Christian at the expense of being human. This is terrible. It’s a real distortion. There are others who are Christians and see their being Christian as one way of becoming fully human. That seems more closely what Jesus was trying to do and teach.

I hope that in the course of this program, you will be able to explore various aspects of this very difficult question, in particularly to bring it again and again to our practical application. To bring it to life, to bring it to what does this mean for me and my personal life. That part will largely be up to you and to your questions.

I have a great variety of ways in which we could go through this exploration of the topic and which particular path I will choose will largely depend on the feedback I get and on the questions that you raise. There are of course a few important milestones that we will have to touch, a few concepts that we will have to clearly understand and maybe analyze a little bit together, but basically I would like to make this truly an exchange between us.

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