Alan Watts

Eastern Wisdom, Modern Life with Alan Watts

We are extremely pleased to bring you a piece of the extraordinary collection Eastern Wisdom, Modern Life: Collected Talks 1960–1980 with Alan Watts.  From this collection which was completed in the sixties, he addresses some of the era's most important questions: What is the nature of reality? How does an individual's relationship to society affect this reality? He has continued through the years with his publications and we are proud to have his collection in our library.

"Obviously, there is a place in life for a religious attitude in the sense of awe, of astonishment at existence. And this is also a basis of respect for existence — which is something we do not have very much of in this culture, even though we call it materialistic.

A materialist is a person who loves material, but in our culture today we are bent on the total destruction of material and its conversion into junk and poisonous gas as quickly as possible.

Ours is not a materialistic culture because it has no respect for material. And respect is, in turn, based on wonder — on feeling the marvel of just an ordinary pebble in your fingers."

--from Eastern Wisdom, Modern Life: Collected Talks 1960–1980


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