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Power of Space and Reincarnation with Alan Watts (preview 3)

We are pleased to present this final excerpt from "The Power of Space and Reincarnation" by Alan Watts.  Do we really understand space and how this universe exists.  Or even how it differs from the other dimension of our physical world.

The funny thing about space, is that in a way it doesn’t end where a solid begins.  You can shift a solid around in space without apparently altering it in any way, and after all, there is space between the two sides, shall we say, or ends of the solid.

We can think of that in terms of space, and measure it in terms of space. But it is against space that we experience everything that we experience.  And by the way also, we experience everything, not only in the dimension of space but also the dimension of time. And the fascination about space and time is, that while they are basic to all possible experiences that we have, you just can’t put your finger on them.  

Space seems to be completely immaterial. And when St Augustine was asked “What is time?”, he said “I know what it is, but when you ask me I don’t”. So, these two basic dimensions of our physical world, are uncommonly illusive.


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