Alan Watts

Power of Space and Reincarnation with Alan Watts (preview 1)

We are pleased to present this excerpt from "The Power of Space and Reincarnation" by Alan Watts.  Space and time are always questionable. Come take a look at how life all comes together because of space and how big we really are in this otherwise overwhelming universe.

It’s curious how, past the middle of the 20th century, there is very strong evidence of a revival in western philosophy of what used to be called idealism.  Not in the moral sense, but in the metaphysical sense.  

That is to say, of the feeling that the external world is, in some way, creation of the mind. Only we come to this point of view with very different assumptions than were held by people like Hegel, or Berkeley, or Bradley.  Great idealists of the European metaphysical tradition and probably rather more akin to similar trends in Buddhist philosophy emerging from India about 400 A.D.  The difference of approach, the difference of the way in which today this thing arises and the way in which it arose in the thought of the man like Bishop Berkeley, is that the new idealism has a kind of curiously physical basis. When one would argue, everything you know is in your mind, and the distance, the feeling of externality between you and other objects and people, is also the content of consciousness, and therefore it’s all in your consciousness. This of course created all sorts of weird feelings.

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