Marianne Williamson on iTunes from BetterListen!

Click here to find all of Marianne Williamson's lectures and workshops on iTunes. Brought to you by BetterListen!

Note: there are a couple of steps to get to the Marianne Williamson Lecture and Workshop section on iTunes:

When you click on the iTunes button above, it takes you to a Marianne WIlliamson preview web page on the internet. On the preview web page you then have to click on the blue button on the top of that page to "View on iTunes." After clicking on View on iTunes that will open the iTunes program on your computer. (Note this might take a while depending if iTunes is already open on your computer.)


After the iTunes program opens to the Marianne Williamson iTunes page, on a desktop or laptop computer, in the Album section, to the right of Albums it says Bestsellers by default. Then use the pull down menu to sort by Release Date to see the most recent programs available from Marianne.


Note: The sort by Release Date functionality is not available on the mobile version of the iTunes application.


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