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The Book of Runes by Ralph Blum has been consulted by millions since it's original publication decades ago.  It continues to be a source of wisdom and inspiration for those seeking guidance.  And that's become even easier.  We've been publishing the E version of the Book of Runes (over 2 million hardover in print) and we'd like to let you know about some cool things we've been working on. Every Friday evening we will be posting a Rune Reading of The Week with Ralph Blum Author of The Book of Runes.

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"The Runes are one of the world's great spiritual resources. No matter who we are, where we are, they always speak to us from the depths of the universe, and from the depths of our own hearts" Marianne Wiliamson   


You can always get your own free Rune Reading at You can purchase the E-book at your favorite E-book Etailer here. Special Offer - For the first 15 people that purchase the E-book and send us a copy of your invoice, you will get free access to the our Online Rune Study Course with Ralph Blum (a $27 value).

Make sure to get our free title of the month, a Telecourse we did with Ralph last year that is a great introduction to Runic Wisdom

Check out this wonderful video of Ralph Blum himself talking about "The Book of Runes".



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