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Excerpt from Ethical Intelligence with Bruce Weinstein

We are delighted to share with you this transcribed excerpt from Ethical Intelligence with Bruce Weinstein. This lively and fun seminar will help you learn to increase  your ethics IQ not only in business, but in every aspect of your life. 

What would you do in the following situations?

Number one: You wake up one morning with the flu. Would you stay home and rest?  All right, why would you stay home and rest when you have the flu?  Because you don’t want to get everybody else sick. Who would stay home and work?  All right. Why would you do that?  Because you like to accomplish things, right?  So the next question is, who would go to work but avoid socializing with people?  And why would you do that?  Because of the demand at work?  And who would go to work but socialize only with the people you do not like?  Well, some people would do that too!

Situation number two: If this is your friend Tommy, and this is Tommy’s new Facebook profile photo…… (laughter). In his profile, he mentions where he works, he mentions the company by name. Would you tell Tommy “I think you should take that photo down”?  Why would you suggest to Tommy that he take this photo down?  Because he could be risking his job?  Who would not say anything to Tommy?  Why would you not say anything?  Probably because you don’t care what he has on his Facebook profile.  And who would press the “Like” button next to the photo?  And why would you press the “Like” button?  Because that might be you. OK. Thank you for your honesty. Humor is always good in an ethics seminar!

Situation number three: This is one of your employees, her name is Jane, and you can see Jane does not have a particularly strong work ethic.

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