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Four Ways to the Center with Alan Watts (preview three)

We are pleased to bring you part three of the Alan Watts title - Four Ways to the Center.

Now let me repeat that the premise of this whole discussion, the first premise, is that existence is a game in the, in all senses of that word, the best senses and the worst senses, that it’s a pattern of dancing, the principle of which is “now you see it, now you don’t” or hide-and-seek or lost-and- found, and that, we as members of western culture in the 20th this game wherein we pretend that we are, each one of us, an isolated individual who comes into the world as a stranger.

We do not know, in the ordinary course of events, that that is not true, and that each one of us is a way in which the whole fullness of ultimate reality pretends it gets lost in an individual life situation, and endures the adventures of pain and death, and endures all the critical efforts and decisions connected with practical and moral problems.



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