Alan Watts
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Four Ways to the Center with Alan Watts (part 1)

We are pleased to bring you this excerpt from Alan Watts from Four Ways to the Center. 

"All people, and this also includes all beings whatsoever, but we’re talking mainly of course about human beings, all people are manifestations, disguises of the total reality behind this cosmos.  And that, if that is so, there are not any mistakes in the world.

When you look at patterns on the foam of the breaking waves on the seashore, when you look at the outlines of mountains, the grain in wood and the markings on marble, you notice that it never makes an aesthetic mistake – never. Also, when you study plants and you go into their relationships with each other and with insects, the fact that the so-called diseases of plants are the full life of some other kind of organism having a ball, and you see this complexly inter-related world and you realize that it all hangs together.


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