Your Universe and You: Paradigm Shift 101 by Edgar Mitchell

Your Universe and You: Paradigm Shift 101 by Edgar Mitchell

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In this profound recording, Dr. Edgar Mitchell, the sixth person to walk on the moon and the founder of The Institute of Noetic Sciences, challenges us to re-think our place in the universe and our role in its unfolding.
Excerpt from recording: "The evidence is clear that we are an evolving, creating, self organizing, learning universe and…that instead of being passive participants in this play we are the major actors and have been all along. We just forgot who and what we are.”

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Running Time: 146 minutes
ISBN: 978-1-61544-026-9

4 reviews

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Based on 4 reviews
Edward Lanciani
A good book

Nice to read his point of view

Pamela Daugavietis
Thought Provoking

This recording of Edgar Mitchell's lectures sometime in the early 1990's (I'm guessing because the date of recording wasn't obvious to me) is a rich resource for those interested in how we are and will continue to evolve as a species, in many ways similar to Pierre Teilhard de Chardin's writings as a PhD scientist as a Jesuit priest. Teilhard said we are not human beings having a spiritual experience; rather, we are spiritual beings having a human experience. I would highly recommend both or either one of these audio recordings for anyone's careful listening who also asks daily as I do, what can I do to help create a world that works for all life. As Edgar Mitchell and Pierre Teilhard both teach, we are all interconnected, and it's our intentionality and beliefs that matter the most. Thoughts become things. We create our own reality.



Marcia Jarosz
Your Universe and You: Paradigm Shift 101 by Edgar Mitchell

I find all of Edgar Mitchell's lectures fascinating. He is an eloquent speaker who puts his audience at ease from the very beginning. Mitchell is easy to follow. The average person can easily understand his message.

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