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Women In The Second Half of Life with Marion Woodman


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Renown Jungian analytical psychologist Marion Woodman leads the listener through her deepest insights on the feminine consciousness. Women In the Second Half of Life engages the body, mind, and spirit, offering a path out of self-destructive loops of patriarchy and materialism.

Woodman embraces both the wisdom of the body and the deep-seated spiritual energy that resides just below the surface. “We are divine creatures, eternal creatures living in a body,”
Woodman explains, and underscores that this archetypal power animates our truest selves and relationship to others.

This two hour plus workshop is a must listen for anyone struggling with the paradox of the spiritual and material. Be it addiction, sexual dissatisfaction, issues of body image, or failed interpersonal relationships, Woodman offers a transformative, healing path forward, supported by her years of clinical experience and analysis. Join Marion in her journey through the realms
of the mature feminine consciousness in this workshop, Women in the Second Half Of Life.

Total run time: 2 hours 25 minutes


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lindsay crouse

Thank you BetterListen! for bringing us these talks from master psychologist and great humanist, Marion Woodman. Her piercing insights on feminine psychology are blindingly accurate, yet she tempers them with her deep love of women's unique gifts and vulnerabilities. These talks are a gift. Don't miss them.

Jodi Krahn

Women In The Second Half of Life with Marion Woodman

preserving Marion Woodman's legacy.

This is a welcome effort to preserve Marion Woodman's legacy that mostly survives in old taped lectures. I learnt a lot from these tapes so I hope more are forthcoming.

Suzie Q

I have not had a chance to listen to it. I've been busy.............Will review it once I listen to it. OK

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