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Robert Bly looks beyond the individual psyche to the problems of our public life, explaining why we as a culture are so adrift. What he finds is an infantilized society in which the battle between youth and age has been won by youth. Bly argues that in the collapse of the old patriarchal world-view, we are becoming a world of "siblings" who do not look up to heroes, leaders, or God, but only sideways at an army of siblings like ourselves. Through the psychological lessons embedded in ancient folk tales, Bly challenges us to move beyond our own adolescent envy and fantasy. 

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Running Time: 2:07:00
ISBN: 978-1-61544-761-9


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James Dalton
Understanding the Trump phenomenon

Bly's ideas about society's orientation to youth and dismissal of elder wisdom help frame the idiocy we are enduring in our society today. Trump is the ultimate sibling who thinks he has all the cards.

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